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04 June 2013 @ 10:32 pm
EDIT PLEASE READ: I'm currently in the process of removing all inactive members, since Livejournal seems to be wholly dead now. I'm working from memory bc there's pretty much only like 30 people who regularly comment on here now, so if I removed you and you are active... sorry! Please comment here and I'll add you back ASAP!

Hey so in the past 24 hours a shitload of spam/troll journals have tried to join smash and now that I actually looked at other communities other than this one - it's going on there too. It's irritating as fuck so I just closed the membership.

This post is public. If you would like to join smash please comment here and we'll send you an invite. sucky yes, but this seems to deter the mass spam account joining thing.

EDIT: If you can't find your invite, try looking here first
If it's not there, let me know on this post and we'll try again.
12 May 2011 @ 01:41 pm

1. don't be a dick
2. no anons
3. don't be a dick

membership is currently c l o s e d but leave a comment here or pm one of the mods asking about membership. atm you need to be referred by a current member or if we recognize you from ss then we'll let you in.

CHECK YOUR INVITES because i don't have time to personally message y'all back saying that i sent one.